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Here’s where we can post interesting and useful resources to share with others.  Right now, these are in no particular order.

      • A new, place-based lesson/module exploring the geology of Majuro – Majuro-module1
      • A new, place-based lesson/module exploring the hydrology of Majuro – Majuro-module2
      • A new, expanded version of Freshwater Resources in Micronesia now includes information on all major island groups in great Micronesia.  See the high resolution version here, and the low resolution version here.
      • Ethan Allen discusses an innovative, inexpensive, point-of-use porous ceramic water purification system with its inventor, Dr. James A Smith from the University of Virginia: Click here
      • Ethan Allen and Jay Fidell discuss water and Water for Life on Think Tech Hawaii’s Likable Science show: Click here
      • Fresh Water in Micronesia: An Island-by-Island Overview Guide by Danko Taborosi: Island Overview Guide
      • The Water Cycle – a graphic and explanation: Water Cycle Handout; to see this as two separate pages, get Water Cycle Handout Right and Water Cycle Handout Left
      • A recording of the Blackboard Collaborate session about Water for Life that was presented in the Global STEMx 2013 conference can be found at: Click here
      • Some good information for planning and management of water resources is available at: Click here
      • More water management info can be found at: Click here
      • Here’s the list of quotations about water that we saw at the Chuuk All Core Team workshop: Water Quotations
      • Wikipedia has an informative entry on drinking water – Click here – with lots of links to other information and resources.  And see also their Water Portal – Click here
      • For a fascinating look at how water moves through trees, Click here
      • Useful, water-related information can be found through the Pacific islands Climate Education Partnership (PCEP) at their web page and on their Facebook page.
      • The Water Beneath Our Feet with Kevin Gooding- Click here
      • Outdoor Science Class- Water for Life Project & Angaur Elementary School- Click here
      • Modules from Workshop

Module 1  –  Chemistry and physics of water
Module 2  –  The oceans (including currents, waves, chemistry, changes, etc.)
Module 3  –  The atmosphere (including weather, climate, droughts, storms, etc.)
Module 4  –  Hydrological cycles on different types of islands
Module 5  –  Island geology and groundwater and surface water issues
Module 6  –  Containment, maintenance, and monitoring of freshwater quality