Club H2O and Aqus filters

Had a really interesting talk last week with a student from USC whose group,  Club H2O, has developed and is distributing a revolutionary new water filter! See the video here.

The Aqus filters remove 99.999% of bacteria, have an estimated 5-year lifespan, and are rugged and simple to maintain. They can filter ~380 gallons of water per day!

For more info, contact Kevin Kassel – – or Terry Lam –


Solar Stills!!

Students in Majuro’s Life Skills Academy (LSA) are generating fresh water from seawater by building solar stills.

FEW LOTS kids w solar still

Here’s a completed still, below.

solar still-DL design

About 5 – 8 gallons of seawater goes in the black trays. Solar energy does the rest.

By evaporation and condensation, at the end of a day, about 1/2 – 1 gallon of fresh water has collected in the bottom.

A simple design that advances self-sustainability!

This is part of our Water for Life supplemental grant – Food, Energy, & Water: Leveraging and Organizing Toward Self-sustainability (FEW-LOTS) – from the National Science Foundation.

Thanks to:

  • Dr. Koh Ming Wei
  • Our collaborators at LSA, Marshall Islands High School, and the College of the Marshall Islands
  • And especially to Dustin Langidrik and his students from the University of the South Pacific for teaching our LSA students how to make these


Check out this new point-of-use water disinfection technology!

MadiDrops –  see – are simple to use and inexpensive.

Just put one of these silver-infused porous ceramic tablets in ~2.5 gallons of water.

Wait overnight. The pathogens have all been killed.

Pour off the now clean water to use for drinking, washing, etc.

Repeat each day for 6 months, using the same, single MadiDrop.

Cost: ~$5 per MadiDrop.